Institutional Certified 401(k)
Professional Designation

The iC(k)P™ Institutional Certified 401(k) Professional Designation represents the pinnacle of achievement for the professional Retirement Plan Advisor, recognizing a combination of substantial practical specialized educational program.  To earn the right to use the iC(k)P™ Designation requires more than just academic aptitude.  A financial professional must demonstrate real world application of the core competencies taught in the classroom.

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iC(k)P™ Designation Program:

The iC(k)P™ Designation or Institutional Certified 401(k) Professional Designation is administered by The Retirement Advisor University in collaboration with UCLA Anderson School of Management Executive Education. The iC(k)P™ Designation identifies financial professionals who have the knowledge and experience to favorably affect the outcome of corporate retirement plans and are authorized to use the iC(k)P™ Designation certification marks in the United States.

iC(k)P™ Designation holders have:

    • Demonstrated competency and experience in the retirement field
    • Completed a rigorous and unique education course work experience
    • Agreed to adhere to a code of conduct and ethics.

The education course work includes classroom, online, and live online instructor led courses, as well as periodic assessments, an exam and a case study. The conduct and ethics codes embrace the core values of integrity, diligence, fairness and objectivity.

The iC(k)P™ Standards & Certification Committee sets the standards for the Institutional Certified 401(k) Professional Designation. Designation candidates are expected to develop a high degree of knowledge and ability in the following study areas:

  • Technical Competence
  • Optimizing Plan Outcomes
  • Management & Business
  • Sales & Marketing

The prerequisite* to use the iC(k)P™ Designation on marketing materials consists of personally having:

  • 10 plans under management/advisory
  • $30 million of assets under management/advisory
  • 3 years of experience in the defined contribution industry

*The requirements regarding the practical component of the iC(k)P™ Designation are waived for professionals who are not financial advisors. The practical prerequisite may also consider the application of work experience and demonstration of the core competencies.

Details in this TRAU iC(k)P™ Designation Description are “Subject To Change” without notice.

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