5 Reasons to Inform your Boss as to “Why” YOU should have an upcoming TPSU Program on your Calendar!

The Plan Sponsor University recognizes the need for your company to use resources in the most efficient manner as possible.  There are sometimes situations where maybe your peers or your boss may not fully realize the challenge associated with serving as a Plan Fiduciary.  Finding true specialized and award-winning Education close to where you work, on the topic of - how to be a good Fiduciary is not easy.  But you have done
it – and now you want to take advantage of this opportunity!

Plan Fiduciaries leave our programs invigorated, educated, and excited about what the retirement plan can do for the plan participants and the plan sponsor.

To get you a seat at our next class, we want to help you by giving you the top 5 reasons  your boss should WANT you to attend.

When will TPSU be at location near me?

Click below to see our upcoming TPSU Program schedule to see if there is a program in your area.  Don't see one, then get on our follow-up list or check out our other training options and resources.

"Talk about a wealth of knowledge! Today was my first time attending the TPSU Fiduciary Training Program and it's filled with so much information! The presenters were friendly, engaged, and interesting. I'm looking forwarding to attending future sessions."

Tawny G.
HR Specialist

"I recently attended a TPSU event in Nashville, TN. This was the best sessions of fiduciary education that I had ever attended. The presenters and keynote presentation were exceptional. I enjoyed the panel discussions with industry professionals both in the 401K space and benefit space. If you are concerned about your level of experience or education around your fiduciary responsibility, I urge you to attend one of these sessions that TPSU offers. Not only will you walk away with solid education and understanding, you will also have the opportunity to meet like minded professionals from other companies that have been invited alongside you."

Jean Delbridge
SVP HR, Primeritus Financial Services, Inc.

"I heard about the TPSU Fiduciary Education Program through a local SHRM chapter. I'm so glad I decided to attend. I learned so much about retirement program administration. The team was phenomenally kind and helpful and I left feeling empowered to help my organization make healthy decisions for the benefit of our employees and their families."

Mick Anderson
Assoc. HR Administrator


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